Wednesday 2 October 2013

Pond’s White Beauty All-In-One BB+ Fairness Cream Review

I had never used a BB cream until I tried out the Pond’s White Beauty BB Cream. I didn't feel the urge to try out a BB cream as most of the bloggers have emphasized on the fact that most of the BB creams available in India do not suit oily skin well. Since I have very oily skin I did not bother to try out any of the BB creams. But when Pond’s launched their BB cream I just could not resist as I love Pond’s products.

Price: 69 INR for 9g, 125 INR for 18g





My experience with the product:

The packaging of Pond’s BB cream is sleek and travel friendly. The tube has a screw cap and a very thin nozzle which helps to dispense just the right quantity you need. This BB cream has a nice floral type of fragrance. An 18g tube will last long as you need very little for the entire face.

The biggest problem here is that only one shade is available. This particular shade will not suit all skin types especially those who have a dusky skin tone. It may look unnatural even on medium skin tones. This shade will suit fair skin tones perfectly. Thankfully it looks good on me.

The Pond’s BB cream gives a medium coverage which is satisfactory. It covers up minor flaws and gives an even toned look. This cream does not highlight dry patches.

I would have loved this BB cream if it had a matte finish. Within an hour of applying this cream my face turns completely oily. During winter when my skin tends to get dry, this cream might hold up the oil for a longer time. If I use a compact over this cream, my face remains oil free only for 1 ½ - 2 hours. I use this cream only when I have to go out for a short time. Thankfully this BB cream did not break me out. Those of you having dry skin will need to moisturize heavily or else this BB cream will not blend easily.

The best part is that this BB cream contains SPF 30 PA++ so you can skip the sunscreen.

I’ve also tried by using this cream as an eye shadow base and it works very well that way.


1. Cute packaging
2. Economically priced
3. Contains SPF 30 PA ++
4. Blends easily on oily skin
5. Can be used as an eye shadow base
6. Evens out skin tone
7. Medium coverage
8. Nice fragrance


1. Only one shade available
2. Will suit only fair skin tones
3. Not suitable for very oily skin

Rating: I would rate this product 3/5

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