Monday 21 October 2013

Artistry Hydrating Foundation in Soleil Review


Artistry is a brand of skin care and color cosmetics, produced by Access Business Group and marketed by Amway in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide. Artistry heads the top five in sales in skin care and cosmetics category, alongside Clinque, Estee Lauder, Lancome and Shiseido. Artistry is also sponsoring Miss America, officially providing skin care and colour cosmetics.

Price: 2059 INR






My experience with the product:

I’ve tried and tested numerous foundations but none of them lived up to my expectations. Being oily skinned this task was all the more difficult. So last month I decided to buy this Artistry Hydrating Foundation as I wanted to try out a high end product and see if it really works.

Although I have oily skin, I still bought the hydrating variant (unfortunately only this variant is available in India). I have dry patches on my cheeks and in spite of using a moisturizer; most of the foundations tend to highlight the dry areas. So I thought this variant would do justice. And yes I was right!

The packaging is so attractive. The foundation is packaged in a glass bottle and has a pump dispenser. This type of packaging ensures that there is no product wastage. But this bottle is bulky and not ideal to carry around. If I have to take it along then I transfer a little amount of the foundation in a tiny 5 ml pot.

This foundation does not have a strong fragrance. It has a liquid consistency. It blends easily on the skin and gives a smooth satin matte finish though not completely matte. I did not expect a matte finish either as this is a hydrating variant. It is lightweight and I feel as if I am bare skinned! Love this! It gives a medium coverage which imparts a nice glow to the face and doesn’t settle into fine lines. A pea sized amount is enough for the entire face as this foundation spreads easily.

I feel this foundation is suitable for all skin types. Although I have oily skin, my skin turned oily gradually only after 5 hours. I used a compact though. A compact is a must for those of you having oily skin. Dry skinned people will need to use a moisturizer before applying this foundation.

This foundation did not break me out as it does not clog pores. I like the fact that it did not highlight dry patches. This foundation does not give a cakey look even if you layer it on for more coverage. Even though it contains spf 20 PA +++ it photographs well.

Now comes the best part. This foundation lasts on my face all day long. Yes! I wore it at 8am, walked for about 20 minutes, sweated a lot due to high humidity here in Goa, then came home, took a short nap, went out again and came back at 6.30 pm and at the end of the day I was shocked to see the foundation intact. Absolutely amazing! This is what I was looking for. Even if I dab my face with a handkerchief or a tissue I cannot see any traces of this foundation. This product is a winner! You need a good cleanser/make up remover to remove it completely.

In my opinion this foundation is suitable for wear throughout the year in all seasons. During summer it will definitely last long as it is sweat resistant and during winter it will not highlight dry patches.

Please keep in mind that although this foundation provides adequate sun protection, you should apply it evenly on your face and neck in order to benefit for the spf 20 factor (if you want to skip sunscreen, but advisable not to do so). 

I don’t think the price tag is too much as this product really does what it claims and you get so many benefits in just one foundation.

Artistry Hydrating Foundation is available only through Amway Business Owners. It is available in three shades:-
Cameo (for fair skin tones)
Soleil (for medium skin tones)-This is the shade I have which will suit most Indian skin tones
Golden (for medium to dark skin tones)
While choosing your shade, you can choose the one closest to your skin tone. You need not worry about the exact shade as this foundation adapts to your skin tone.

I do hope they launch the Artistry Balancing Foundation for oily skin in India.


1. Feels very light on skin
2. Medium coverage
3. Does not highlight dry patches
4. Did not break me out
5. Suitable for all skin types
6. Contains spf 20 PA +++
7. Pump packaging
8. Cost effective as it will last long
9. Transfer resistant
10. Lasts all day long
11. Does not oxidize 
12. Waterproof


1. Bulky bottle
2. Available only through Amway Business Owners
3. Contains parabens

Rating: I would rate this product 5/5

UPDATE 23/01/2016
I just purchased my second bottle as I did not find any foundation as good as this one. The packaging has changed a bit as you can see in the photos. The pump has a twist to lock system. The price has been hiked to 2449 INR.

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