Thursday, 27 June 2013

Attitude Face Wash Review

Price: 265 INR for 100 ml






My Experience with the Product:

I've never come across a face wash that was worth buying a second time. Since I'm oily skinned, finding the perfect face wash is a difficult task. Recently my mom joined Amway, so I got a chance to buy their beauty products. So obviously I wanted to try out their face wash. So here is my take on the product.

Previously, I had reviewed Attitude Face Masque. The packaging of the face wash is the same as their Face Masque. Even the fragrance is similar. I like the packaging anyway. The tube has flip-top cap which shuts tightly thus making it travel friendly.

This face wash is runny in consistency and is colourless. You have to be careful while taking out the product or else you will end up with more than you actually need. The face wash is 100% soap free and therefore doesn't lather much. But I'm okay with this.

After using this face wash my skin feels super clean and soft. It gives a matte feel to my skin and also with regular use dries up pimples. My face doesn't get oily for more than two hours which is quite good considering the fact that most of the face washes I've used keep my skin oil free only for around an hour.

This face wash effectively removes dirt. After using it, I follow it up with a toner. To my surprise, there were no traces of dirt whatsoever on the cotton pad. Unlike other face washes I used to see a lot of dirt on the cotton pad.

In conclusion, I would say this is the perfect face wash for those having oily and combination skin. 


1. Sturdy packaging
2. Cost effective
3. Removes dirt and excess oil
4. Controls oil for long
5. Best suited for those having oily and combination skin
6. Floral fragrance
7. Dries up pimples
8. Did not break me out
9. Contains natural fruit and botanical extracts


1. Runny in consistency
2. Available only through Amway Distributors
3. Contains parabens


I would rate this product 4/5

Monday, 17 June 2013

Basicare Toe Nail Clipper Review

Price: 110 INR

Claims & Directions:

Contoured blades trim toenails safely and easily without pulling or tearing. After trimming your toenails, smooth off the rough edge with laser file. Then, have a healthy and natural shine on nails with our NAIL BUFFER. Simply slide back the catcher to empty nails after trimming is completed.


Clean blades after each use. To prevent rusting, have the clipper lightly oiled and kept in a dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

My Experience with the product:

I came across this product online while browsing for some nail accessories. I needed a nail clipper anyway and so I bought this one. I own many products from Basicare since their products are of an excellent quality.

The contoured blades of this clipper enable to trim nails safely and easily without pulling or tearing. I love the fact that it has a nail catcher. While trimming nails you have to check if the nail catcher is in its proper position. After you are done with trimming your nails, just slide back the catcher to empty the nails. This technique makes the process of trimming nails and discarding them so much easier. I only wish the nail catcher was of a better quality. It is made of plastic and can break off any time so you have to be careful while sliding it back and forth.

I was surprised to see the laser file nicely fitted into the clipper. It does a good job at smoothing out the rough edges.

Also, the handle does not slip from my hands while trimming my nails due to the unique non-slip grip.

Overall, this nail clipper is another innovative product from Basicare. It is a nice and sturdy clipper with a nail catcher and laser file.


1. Has a nail catcher
2. Laser file
3. Non-slip grip
4. Excellent quality
5. Contoured design for easy trimming
6. Economically priced
7. Easily available at major online stores


1. Nail catcher could have been of a better quality.


I would rate this product 4.5/5

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Davis Nail Colour 773 Rose Bouquet Review

I'm currently wearing Davis Nail Colour in shade Rose Bouquet. At a price tag of just 35 INR this nail colour range is worth trying. This shade has plenty of shimmers. I also own another shade in this range, Rose Petal 

The only con here is that it takes a long time for the colour to dry up, more than 15 minutes. Otherwise it is a lovely shade and perfect for night occasions. The nail paint lasts for more than two weeks without chipping if topped off with a transparent nail colour. I found this range only on Snapdeal.