Sunday 28 July 2013

Blue Heaven Lip Liner-B6 Review

Price: 60 INR for 0.25 g.



My Experience With The Product:

I always prefer wearing a lipstick along with a lip liner. Whether they are pencils or retractable liners, doesn’t matter to me. I ordered this one as it was priced really cheap. The Blue Heaven Lip Liner has a retractable packaging so you need not sharpen it. But it does come with a sharpener at the bottom. I do sharpen the liner whenever I feel the need to.

The shade of this liner is more on the maroonish side. But as it fades, it leaves behind a dark pink tint. This shade goes well with most of my lip colours. It has a soft creamy texture and glides easily on my lips. One swipe gives enough colour. I was amazed at its staying power. It stays on for around 5 hours on my lips.

The liner can be easily removed with a face wash or a makeup remover. I am completely satisfied with this product. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen this liner online or anywhere else. I do hope it is back in stock soon.


1. Very cheaply priced
2. Travel friendly packaging
3. Helps in defining lips
4. Creamy texture
5. Shade matches most of my lip colours
6. Rich colour pay off
7. Cute packaging


1. Availability

Rating: I would rate this product 5/5

Sunday 21 July 2013

Oriflame Pure Nature Organic Tea Tree & Rosemary Purifying Corrective Stick Review

Price: 329 INR

Claims & Usage: 

Smart stick with pure organic tea tree and rosemary oil hides and helps dry out imperfections. First tone down redness with green shade. Then conceal with beige shade.

Ingredient List:




My Experience With The Product:

I was looking out for a concealer online when I came across this product. I needed a concealer that would help in not only concealing dark spots and blemishes but also heal them. This Oriflame stick claims to contain tea tree oil. We all know the benefits of tea tree oil for treating acne. Without second thoughts I bought this one and I’m glad I did.

The packaging is attractive, sturdy and travel friendly. The stick has two shades. One is beige and the other is green. The beige shade will suit most Indian skin tones, especially those having a medium skin tone. I wish this product was available in more shades. It has a mild fragrance which is not bothersome at all.

The beige shade of this concealer provides medium coverage. Too much of it can give a cakey look. The green shade effectively tones down redness.

Once I had a very bad breakout. I used the green shade of this concealer to tone down the redness and then I used the beige shade over it. I had it on for around 6 hours at work. When I came back home and washed away all the makeup, I noticed that my pimples had drastically reduced in size. The redness had disappeared. I was amazed. I also used this concealer (the green shade) overnight and in the morning it had effectively dried up all the pimples.

This is the best concealer ever! At such an affordable price, it is worth buying. Those of you having sensitive and acne prone skin should give this a try.


1. Cost effective
2. Travel friendly packaging
3. Effectively tones down redness
4. Dries up pimples
5. Provides good coverage


1. Contains parabens

Rating: I would rate this product 5/5

Wednesday 3 July 2013

Rose Nails Tutorial Using Water Decals

This is my first time using water decals. I always preferred nail stickers. I came across this set online and I couldn't resist the rose pattern. Priced at 150 INR these are definitely worth buying.

Things I've used:

Step 1

Apply base coat and base colour to your nails. I've used white nail paint. Let the paint dry completely.

Step 2

Remove the protective sheet from the decal set and then cut out the decals as per your size and requirement.

Step 3

Using  tweezers dip a piece in a small bowl of water for around 10-15 seconds. Don't dip it for too long though or else the entire design will slide off and will be difficult to place it on the nail. 

Step 4

Just slide a small bit of the design from the backing paper and place that part on your nail. Slowly slide the backing paper off and the design will  stay on your nail.

Step 5:

You can use an orange stick to position the design on your nail. Using a tissue paper just blot off the excess water. Repeat the same procedure for the rest of your nails. Lastly, apply a layer of top coat to seal the design.

The nail decals which I've used are very thin. You won't feel them on your nails. These lasted for more than two weeks. Impressed!!

I will definitely try out the other designs too from Snapdeal. Water decals are better than nail stickers as they last long and also nail stickers are more obvious whereas you can't feel the water decals on your nails.

Monday 1 July 2013

Persona 3-in-1 Soap Review

Price: 44 INR for 75 gms. (Now available in a pack of three at 132 INR)




My Experience with the Product:

Here I am with a review of another wonderful product from Amway. Persona 3-in-1 Soap is one of the best I’ve ever used.

Each Persona Soap is wrapped in a poly pack and packed in a carton. The soap gives a nice rich creamy foam and also rinses easily. It has a wonderful fragrance. This soap does not dry out my skin and thus it is suitable for use throughout the year. I don’t feel the need to apply a moisturizer after bath. Those of you having dry skin will love this product. This soap conditions the skin leaving it feeling soft, supple and smooth. I love the fresh feeling which I get upon using this soap.

Persona soap also provides long-lasting deodorant protection which keeps me feeling fresh and clean all day long. It controls bad odour effectively. Thus it is ideal during summers when the body perspires excessively which in turn lead to bad odour.

The soap also claims to provide germ protection which makes it ideal for kids. I would recommend this soap for the entire family. It is dermatologically tested. Those of you having sensitive skin can also try this product since it is allergy tested.

The soap contains unique plantaren, a corn and coconut derivative which helps to clean the skin gently and naturally. Almond oil helps in conditioning the skin leaving your skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. This soap also contains Triclocarbon which is a proven ingredient that helps in controlling bad odour.

The soap has a unique shape which is designed specially for Persona with soap saver base and helps prevent wastage. The soap will easily last for more than a month.


1. Cost effective
2. Natural ingredients
3. Unique shape
4. Gives a nice clean feeling
5. Moisturizes the skin
6. Germ protection
7. Controls bad odour effectively
8. Lathers up very well
9. Dermatologically tested
10. Allergy tested
11. Suitable for the entire family including children
12. Can be used throughout the year
13. Suitable for all skin types


1. Available only through Amway Distributors. 

Rating: I would rate this product 5/5.

Update:- 20/05/2014

This is the new packaging and the updated price.