Thursday 19 September 2013

Attitude Toner Normal to Oily Skin Review

Since I am oily skinned, I am always on a lookout for a toner which would help in controlling oil and minimize pores. Since my mom is an Amway Distributor, I thought about trying their Attitude Toner along with the cleanser. The Attitude Cleanser was quite good. You can read the review here. Unfortunately, the Attitude Toner was a big disappointment. Here's why.

Price: 375 for 150 ml






My experience with the product:

The packaging is good as always. The pump dispenser allows you to control the quantity and the bottle is slim and sturdy so it can be easily carried around. The toner has a pleasant smell. The consistency is watery.

After just three days of using this toner, I was shocked to see that my skin had turned completely dry especially the nose and cheeks had turned flaky! In fact I have very oily skin. When I checked the ingredient list I saw that this toner had a very high alcohol content and as we all know, alcohol dries up the skin. So I immediately stopped using this toner. Now I had to do something to my irritated skin. I applied aloe vera gel twice a day and also started using rose water as a toner and within a week my skin healed completely.

About a month later, I decided to try this toner again. I thought may be I was using too much of this toner. So I used just one pump of this toner and that too only once a day. Unfortunately my skin got dry and irritated again. That's when I decided to stop using this toner completely. This was a total failure for me.

Before I came across this toner, I had used the Ayur Herbal Astringent  and Nivea Visage Oil Regulating Toner . I did not want to continue using the Ayur Astringent as it contains parabens. I want to avoid such chemicals and the Nivea Toner was okay but I was bored using the same toner for months. Then I decided to try out the Attitude Toner which ended up being the worst. I have finally decided to use rose water as a toner as it is mild and chemical free. All those fancy toners in the market either contain alcohol or a long list of chemicals.

It is mentioned on the product that this toner is suitable for normal to oily skin. I am absolutely sure that this toner will react badly on normal skin. If my skin being so oily ended up getting dry, then normal skin definitely would not tolerate this toner! Not even combination skin!

In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend this toner to anyone. If any of you have used Attitude Toner without any side effects then good for you. But it just did not work out for me.


1. Travel friendly packaging
2. Nice fragrance


1. Completely dried up my skin

Rating: I would rate this product 1/5.


  1. Hi Eleena,

    Your experience is exactly as it should be as you used it as a single product. The Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer is ONE package and have to be used simultaneously in the way C - T - M - same goes with Artistry CTM ... Just get the Attitude Moisturizer and use the 3 together. It will do wonders.

  2. I had used the Attitude Cleanser alongwith the Attitude Toner. It is just that alcohol does not work out for my skin. My current routine of Attitude face wash, Rose water as Toner and Aloe Vera gel as moisturizer has kept my skin in perfect condition.

  3. Those people don't know how to use CTM if you need good result use Cleanser,Toner and moisture.

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