Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nivea Care & Colour Red Lip Balm Review

I never buy the same lip balm twice. I love trying out different lip balms, mostly tinted ones. Here is a brief review on Nivea Care & Colour Red Lip Balm.

Price: 200 INR for 4.8 g

Claims & Ingredients:



Swiped multiple times to get a noticeable colour

My views:
Nivea Care & Colour Red Lip Balm comes in the typical twist up tube. Upon opening the cap you will notice that the lip balm has two layers. The inner care core contains panthenol and the outer coat which gives a subtle red tint on the lips. This tint won’t be noticeable on highly pigmented lips though and you need multiple swipes to get a decent colour on the lips. I would have loved a more prominent tint. This lip balm has a mild fruity fragrance.

Nivea Care & Colour Red Lip Balm glides on my lips smoothly and my lips remain moisturised for only four hours after which I feel the need to re-apply. The tint goes away in just about an hour. This lip balm though is just about good enough for healing dry and chapped lips. The lip balm does not contain SPF. This is not a major factor for me though.

I am not impressed with this lip balm. The price tag of 200 INR is not justified. You can get better tinted lip balms at a lesser price. I only purchased this product as I had some cashback amount in my Paytm wallet and I also received cashback on this product. Otherwise it is just not worth the price.

1. Hygienic packaging
2. Contain pro vitamin B5
3. Glides on smoothly
4. Subtle red tint
5. Heals chapped lips over time

1. Price
2. Does not hydrate lips for long

Rating: I would rate this product 3/5

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