Wednesday 13 January 2016

Hasham Professional Eyeliner in shades Antique Bronze & Emerald Green – A brief review

Price: 99/- INR for 1.2 g



Hasham Professional Eyeliner in shade Antique Bronze:

This eyeliner comes in a pencil form which needs to be sharpened. 

The shade Antique Bronze looks more like a golden brown shade. I like the colour but the colour payoff is disappointing. I had to swipe the eyeliner multiple times to get a decent colour. The colour pay off is uneven. The staying power too was poor. It didn’t last longer than 2 hours.

Hasham Professional Eyeliner in shade Emerald Green:

This shade is stunning. Just one swipe gives a rich colour payoff. It looks more like a metallic green shade with superb shine. This eyeliner is ideal for party makeup. It glides smoothly on the eyelids. I love this shade. You can buy this eyeliner here.

For a simple look I prefer using it only on my upper eyelids.

For a party look I like using it on my lower lash line too.

This shade stayed put on my eyelids for a around 4 hours after which I noticed slight fading. The colour on my lower lashline though started fading in 2 hours. I feel the staying power is okay at a price of just 99/- INR. This eyeliner shade is worth trying out. The only con being, this product contains propylparaben.

Hasham Professional Eyeliners can be easily identified by the shade at the bottom of the pencil.


  1. complete detailed review
    you didn't ignore the paraben part
    you look wonderful btw
    first time I saw a gold eye liner !

    1. Thanks dear! Your support means a lot to me.