Saturday, 19 December 2015

K-Veda Tri-Wash – Herbal Triphala Eyewash Review

We all take good care of our skin with the help of the best skincare products but we always ignore our eyes. In this age of technology our eyes are neglected the most. Our eyes are strained and tired due to excessive use of computers, television and not to forget constantly staring at our smartphones. K-Veda Tri-Wash claims to naturally cool and soothe tired eyes and increase the blood circulation around tender eye tissues. Let’s see how this product works.

Price: 90/- INR for 100 ml





My views:
I have weak eyesight. I need glasses all the time at home although I prefer contact lenses when I go out. It was high time I used something for my eyes.

The product comes alongwith a cup which has to be sterilized before and after use. 

Take a look at the instructions below.

You will need some time to get used to the procedure of opening your eyes and to triwash your eye. Gradually you will get the hang of it.

I have been using this product for the last 15 days before bed and I love it. It gives a cooling sensation and relaxes my eyes. I did not suffer from any side effects. This product is herbal. I recommend it to everyone. You can buy this product here.

K-Veda Tri-Wash is ideal for those who use computers excessively. It is also great for sore eyes and other eye infections. It also claims to be ideal for weak eyes (like mine) or for those who are on the onset of cataract. K-Veda Tri-Wash also claims to reduce dark circles. I don’t have any so I cannot comment on this claim. I have read reviews about this product which claim that it reduces dark circles.

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