Monday, 21 September 2015

Godrej Protekt Happy Foam Handwash Review

I always have a handwash at my wash basin/sink. I love using hadwashes rather than soaps. So I end up buying a new handwash every 2 months and I prefer buying from different brands. I bought this Godrej Handwash online and I must say I'm very impressed with this product. Read on to know more.

Price: 99/- INR for 250 ml





My views:

Godrej Protekt Happy Foam Handwash is packed in a sturdy plastic colourful bottle having a pump dispenser which can be locked. The first thing you will notice after taking the product onto your palm is that it already comes out as a foam and not in a gel or creamy form. I love the foam idea! Secondly the fragrance is just lovely. It has an apple fragrance. This product claims to fight germs so that's great. 

Now comes the most important part. As I mentioned earlier I've used many handwashes but this handwash stands out amongst the others as it can remove any kind of smell from your hands. Let me explain. I tend to work a lot in the house and cleaning sea food is a bit tedious. I know especially when I clean prawns it leaves a bad smell on the hands. The earlier handwashes could not remove the sea food smell from my hands and so I used lemon water to wash away the smell. But when I used this Godrej handwash after cleaning prawns I noticed that there was no smell whatsoever. I was really happy about this. I didn't have to bother to prepare lemon juice. This handwash just made my life easier! I'm impressed! Also it did not dry out my skin. 

A refill pack of 200 ml is also available priced at 49/- INR.

In conclusion I would say that this is the best handwash I've ever come across. If you come across this product then do give it a try.


1. Cost effective
2. Colourful packaging
3. Foam Handwash
4. Smells great
5. Gets rid of tough smell
6. Fights germs


1. Contains SLES

Rating: I would rate this product 4.5/5


  1. I did not not like it at all.

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