Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Vedantika Herbals Rose-Sandal face wash Review

I always prefer gel based face washes due to my oily skin. So while I was looking out for a gel based face wash, I came across this product online and without any second thoughts I immediately placed an order.

Price: 175 INR for 100ml (price may vary)

Claims, Ingredients & Directions:



My experience with the product:

As far as skin care products are concerned, I always prefer pump packaging. This face wash has a pump dispenser. The bottle is made of strong plastic. It is easy to carry around. The cap too is made of plastic and shuts tightly. Full points for the packaging!

I love the fragrance. It is a mixture of rose and sandalwood. A pea sized amount lathers well. If used twice daily, the face wash will easily last for around 4-5 months. This face wash is easy to rinse off and my skin feels very soft and clean. I do not see any dirt while using a toner. This face wash effectively cleans off dirt and excess oil. My skin does not feel dry or stretchy and in fact feels moisturized. I love this! My skin remains oily free for a good three hours. You cannot expect this face wash to remove make up though and it is not supposed to. I used this face wash in the morning and then before bed. This product did not break me out. This face wash might not work well in controlling shine during summer. 

Vendantika Herbals Rose-Sandal face wash is a hands down winner. I would recommend this product for oily and combination skin. I've also noticed that my breakouts have reduced considerably ever since I started using this face wash two months back. Availability might be an issue though.


1. Travel friendly packaging
2. Smells good
3. Cost effective
4. Did not break me out
5. Lathers well
6. Gel based face wash is ideal for oily skin
7. Controls shine for a good three hours
8. Good for winter use as it does not dry out the skin
9. Effectively removes dirt and excess oil
10. Skin feels soft and moisturized.


1. Availability

Rating: I would rate this product 5/5

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  1. Looks like an amazing product and Sounds pretty interesting. Will definitely try this one. herbal face wash