Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Living Proof Multi-Action Cell Treatment Toner Review

I love experimenting with different toners. I just cannot stick to one particular toner as I tend to get bored. This habit of changing toners led to a disaster when I tried out Amway's Attitude Toner  which ended up drying my oily skin to such an extent that even a good moisturizer couldn't handle my dry patches. That is when I realized that toners which contain alcohol do not suit my skin. Therefore I started looking out for a mild toner. That is when I came across Living Proof Multi-Action Cell Treatment Toner. Read on to know more about this product.

Price: 390 INR for 150 ml (you can get it at a lesser price online)






My experience with the product:

The toner is packaged in a sturdy plastic bottle which has a nozzle with a hole. The bottle comes enclosed in a nice plastic matte type of a box. Even if you use wet hands to open the outer box, it will not get soiled. I like it. The cap shuts tightly and is thus leak proof. The toner has a very mild soothing fragrance.

This toner does not give a sticky feeling on my face. This is one of the mildest toner I've ever tried. It does not contain alcohol. No parabens either. It gives a nice semi matte finish and also minimizes pores to a great extent. This toner never broke me out. It hydrates my few dry patches. I have no complaints against this product. It is suitable for all skin types. Oily and sensitive skinned people will love it. It can be used all year round. This toner is cost effective as it will last for a good three months if used twice daily.

I won't say that this toner helps in preventing breakouts. But this toner effectively tones my skin by removing any residue which is left after cleansing. I would recommend this toner for all skin types. The only problem would be the availability of this product. I have seen it on a few online shopping sites only.


1. Cost effective
2. Sturdy packaging
3. Reduces pores temporarily
4. No stickiness
5. Mild fragrance
6. Alcohol and paraben free
7. Suitable for all skin types


1. Availability

Rating: I would rate this product 4.5/5

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