Sunday, 5 January 2014

Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream SPF 20 PA ++ Review

I usually don't prefer fairness creams as they are just a marketing gimmick. I happened to buy this Pond's White Beauty Cream only because of my stubborn dark spots. Read on to know how this cream fared.

Price: 123 INR for 35g





My experience with the product:

The packaging is cute and girly. The jar is a bit heavy and not ideal for carrying it around. I personally do not prefer jar packaging due to hygienic reasons. A pump dispenser would have been really appreciated. Anyway!

This cream has a thick texture and a lovely fragrance. You have to blend it quickly or else it tends to dry up thus making it difficult to blend. I have oily skin and this cream gives a nice matte finish which I always like. During summer, my skin turns oily within an hour upon application while in winter my skin remains oil free for around two hours.

This Pond's cream matches my skin tone but it will look whitish on dusky skin tones as it tends to leave a slight white cast on the skin. This cream is perfect for those of you having oily and combination skin. This product is a big no for dry skinned people as it lacks in the moisture department. Another point to note here is that during summer after applying this cream my skin turns a bit sweaty but in winter my face does not turn sweaty. 

I hate the fact that this cream contains parabens. It has worked very well on my dark spots. I used it for three months on a daily basis and my spots have been reduced considerably. This cream works on spots but it will take time. Do not expect miracles to happen overnight!

Coming to the price, I feel that this product is cost effective as even after using this cream for three months now I am left with half of the product. Value for money!


1. Cute packaging
2. Nice fragrance
3. Contains SPF 20 PA ++
4. Cost effective
5. Gives a matte finish
6. Suitable for oily and combination skin
7. Lightens dark spots with continuous usage
8. Best for winter use


1. Bulky packaging
2. Not suitable for dry skin
3. Skin tends to sweat after application during summer
4. Contains parabens
5. Will not suit dusky skin tones

Rating: I would rate this product 3.5/5

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