Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Cleo’s Secret Green Clay Review

Price: 200 INR for 50 gm

Claims: Green Clay is beneficial in removing impurities and tightening skin pores. It tones the skin, exfoliates dead cells and reduces inflammation and acne. This nutritive mask mined from naturally occurring deposits restores and replenishes skin giving it a healthy glow.

Key Ingredients: French Green Clay

Directions: Mix clay with an equal amount of water or appropriate toner to form a paste. Smooth on to the face avoiding the eye area. Rinse off with warm water after approximately 10 minutes.



My views:
Cleo’s Secret Green Clay comes in a sturdy tub packaging. Upon opening the lid you will notice a protective plastic inner lid. 

This clay comes in a fine powder form. I prefer mixing it with rose water. You can use plain water or even a toner to form a smooth paste. I use a face pack brush to apply this mixture evenly on my face. This clay does not have an overpowering fragrance. It dries up within 10 minutes and rinses off easily with water.

Cleo’s Secret Green Clay absorbs all the excess oil from my skin and leaves it completely dry. I use a gel based moisturiser immediately after using this clay mask. This product is not meant for dry skin. I would recommend it only for oily skin (not even combination skin) during summer. I like the way my skin feels bright and smooth. It also helps in drying out existing acne. I use this face mask once a week.

Cleo’s Secret Green Clay does not contain any harmful ingredients. As far as the pricing is concerned, you get 50 gms for 200 INR, so this product will go a long way as you need just one and a half teaspoon of this clay every time. You can buy this product here.

1. Cost effective
2. Ideal for very oily skin
3. Removes excess sebum
4. Easy to apply and wash off
5. Skin feels soft and clean after use
6. Paraben free product
7. Best for summer use
8. Dries up acne

1. Moisturiser is a must after use
2. Dries up even oily skin
3. Not suitable for normal, dry and combination skin
4. All ingredients are not mentioned

Rating: I would rate this product 3.5/5

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