Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Dève Herbes Pure Rose Water Review

Here are my views on a very nice product from Dève Herbes.

Price: 95 INR for 100 ml

Claims & Directions of use:



My experience with the product:

I was on a lookout for a natural rose water as most of the ones available in the market contain artificial fragrance as well as chemicals. Luckily I came across Dève Herbes Pure Rose Water which claimed to be 100% natural.

I like the packaging of the product. The bottle is very sturdy and will not change its shape even under pressure. It has a spray nozzle which is hygienic to use. I spray this product on my face whenever I feel tired and it instantly freshens up my skin. This rose water is best for summer use as a facial spray. I also use this rose water over makeup as it helps in setting my makeup and gives a nice glow and dewy finish. It has to be sprayed very lightly over makeup. I also use this with face packs. Alternatively, this product can also be used as a skin toner.

This product claims to be pure, undiluted and unadulterated. So that’s something nice!

This rose water also helps in moisturizing the skin and is suitable for all skin types. It has a wonderful aroma which instantly enhances my mood. This is a really nice product and definitely worth it. Although I purchased this product online, I haven’t seen much of it on shopping websites lately. I recommend this product to everyone. It is a must have. This is the best rose water I've ever tried.


1. Cost effective
2. Travel friendly packaging
3. Wonderful aroma
4. No skin irritation.
5. Suitable for all skin types
6. Can be used to set make up
7. Works well as a toner and skin freshener
8. Claims to be 100% natural


1. Availability
2. Full ingredients list not mentioned

Rating: I would rate this product 4/5.

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