Friday, 18 May 2018

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Price: 2424/- INR. If you pay via debit/credit card/net banking you get a ten per cent discount.

My views:
Every since I had my Lasik surgery done, I’ve been cautious about my eyesight. Since childhood I had poor eyesight. My prescription went on increasing every 2 years. Three years ago my eye prescription was -8.75 (right eye) and –7.0 (left eye). I didn’t want to go for Lasik but I had to as my life was miserable with thick glasses and contact lenses.

I decided to purchase eyeglasses which were capable of blocking the high intensity blue light of computes/laptops and mobile. I tend to use the laptop for over 8 hours a day and my eyes were getting dry and tired constantly.

Every since I started using these glasses my eye strain is significantly lower and my eyes aren’t dry any more. You will need around two days to get used to them. I don’t need these glasses while using the phone as I have a blue light filter on my mobile.

These glasses are available in two lens type:
1) Amber Lenses are for high computer/ mobile usage (choice of 80% users)
2) Clear Lenses are non coloured and preferred by photo editing professionals

I am using the glasses having amber lens. Prescription eyeglasses are also available on the website.

The only drawback here is that all the frames are black in colour. I wish they introduced more colour options.

You will find cheaper eye glasses which claim to block blue light on other online shopping portals. I wouldn’t recommend those as they cannot be trusted. Nowadays there is no quality control over products and I’m finding it difficult to trust these sellers.

If you are familiar with online shopping then you know very well how to order online so I won’t get into all those details. I received my order within a week. If you have any doubts or queries, there is a chat option on the website and your queries will be answered quickly.

Rating: I would rate this product 4.5/5

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