Thursday, 16 June 2016

AliExpress Haul

I had ordered a few items from AliExpress which is an online shopping portal based in China and in this post I will show you what I ordered and a brief review on the website. Read on to know more.

AliExpress sells millions of products through thousands of sellers from 40 categories at unbeatable prices. Most products have free shipping. You can pay via Visa, Master Card & local payment methods. Your transactions are protected until you confirm satisfactory delivery and you are eligible for a full refund if the goods are not delivered or not as described.

I placed my orders in the first week of March and April and they arrived in the first week of June. I would blame the postman for this as he had collected all my orders and brought them all at once. So I assume my orders must have arrived earlier. You need to wait for at least 30-50 days for your order to arrive. Most of the sellers ship the orders within 2-3 days. My orders arrived safely without a single scratch or damage.

So let’s take a look at my purchase below.

1. I bought this silicone brush cleaning scrubber tool for around $0.92 which comes to 61 INR. This brush cleaner thoroughly cleans all the bristles. If you own many makeup brushes then this product is a must have.

2. This palette is for contouring and highlighting. I haven’t used it yet as I prefer such heavy make up only for special occasions. This cost me around $ 2.36 which is about 158 INR.

3. This is a liquid concealer. It doesn’t conceal much though. The coverage is medium but just enough to brighten the under eye area. This cost me around $ 2.15 which is around 144 INR.

4. This is a good brush for contouring and highlighting. I bought this for $ 1.22 which comes to around 82 INR. I would have never got a brush like this for such a cheap price in India. This brush is light and soft to use and is made of superfine soft anti bacterial fiber wool hair.

5. I think this lipstick is a dupe of Etude Etoinette lipsticks. I purchased it only for the cute packaging. I don’t like the shade though. It’s too pink for me. It looked different on the website. This is priced at around $ 1.80 which is 121 INR.

6. These are actually medicine pill box organizers but I purchased them to store earrings. I ordered two boxes for a total price of $ 1.44 which is 96 INR. Each box has six slots.

7. I just love these earrings. They cost only $1.02 which is around 68.64 INR. These are ideal for party wear.

8. How cute is this contact lens case?! I don’t feel like using it. I’ll just display it on my dressing table. Hahaha! This cost around $ 1.04 which comes to 69 INR.

9. This is a flat angled top foundation brush. The bristles are soft and ideal for makeup. I am a little disappointed with this product as the bristles are uneven and not trimmed properly. This is priced at around $1.58 which is about 106 INR.

I still have 13 orders which are yet to arrive. Once I receive them I will put up another post.

When shopping on AliExpress I would recommend you to tick the free shipping option first and then start browsing from the lowest prices. At times you will come across one product prices at $1 and a few pages later the same product will be priced at $3 or $4 or even more. Most of the products have jaw dropping prices so one must be careful as they can be dupes. I wouldn’t recommend buying makeup as you never know what kind of ingredients they contain. I prefer shopping for makeup accessories like brushes, beauty sponges, etc. This is the best shopping portal for buying imitation jewellery. There are so many designs to choose from and that too at jaw dropping prices. While searching for jewellery I prefer 18k gold plated items as they last longer.

When buying from AliExpress, always remember to check the seller reviews by customers. You will also see some photos of the products uploaded by buyers. So take some time to read everything on the page. Look at the seller and product ratings too. You can directly message the seller if you have any doubts. You can judge the seller based on his/her response.

I would never recommend buying clothes from AliExpress as most them do not match the photos/description. If you are medium sized, you can be extra small according to Chinese measurements.

Always keep an eye on the ‘Orders’ section. Under each order you will see the item image and the buyer protection time. For example, after you order your product, wait for around 30 days. If you still do not receive the order then you can ask the seller to increase the purchase protection. In most cases the seller will increase the purchase protection by 30 days. Even after 30 days you still do not receive your order, you can ask for a refund. Your amount will be transferred to your paypal account or bank account within 10 days. If the seller does not respond to any of your requests then you can ‘open dispute’ and your problem will definitely be resolved. Alternatively you can contact AliExpress on their facebook page. Once you receive your order, you can go to your AliExpress account and confirm that you received the order. You can also leave a feedback to help future buyers.

Even after you have confirmed that you received the order, you can open up a dispute within 15 days if you are not satisfied with the quality. The seller will then offer you a suitable solution. It is also important to keep an eye on the time left for the purchase protection to end for each and every order.

I hope this post has been useful. If you have any doubts then please comment below.


  1. ALi express has some beautiful products..Want to buy from this site but I have a Rupay debit card because of which it is no possible..Lovely products you got.. :) :)

    1. Yes, the products they have are amazing! The only problem is that they take forever to reach. Thanks for reading :)

  2. Nice haul.... V need to to have PayPal Acc for refund? H to transfer the amount to our Acc from PayPal???

    1. Hi Deepika. Not all sellers refund to your PayPal account. They first ask you which mode you prefer. You can also tell them to directly refund to your bank account from where you had made the payment for the order. For your information PayPal directly transfers the amount to your bank account.

  3. Nice haul.... V need to to have PayPal Acc for refund? H to transfer the amount to our Acc from PayPal???

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