Wednesday 10 February 2016

Lotus Herbals Xpress Glow 10-in-1 Daily Beauty Crème SPF-25, Shade - Royal Pearl Review

Price: 299 INR for 30 g





My views:
Lotus Herbals Xpress Glow 10-in-1 Daily Beauty Crème is packaged in an attractive bright pink tube having a silver screw cap. Full marks for the packaging! While applying this product, it is advisable to take a very small amount at a time and blend it properly. If you use too much at a time then it will look unnatural.

As far as the coverage is concerned, this crème covers up only light acne marks and evens out the skin tone very well. It also brightens the skin and gives a lovely glow. The finish is semi matte. Although I have oily skin, I tend to get dry patches on my cheeks and nose during winter. This product helped me get through the cold season. I first moisturised my skin and then I applied the crème. My skin felt hydrated immediately and I didn’t notice any dry spots. In my opinion, this product will not be good enough during summer for those having oily skin. Dry skin will love this product. The staying power is quite good. It lasted on my skin for a good six hours. It didn’t oxidise either. Oily skinned people will need to use a compact with this product.

Lotus Herbals Xpress Glow 10-in-1 Daily Beauty Crème contains SPF-25 which is in fact a good thing as you can skip sunscreen during winter. The price tag of 299/- INR is justified. I would recommend this product for dry skin. Those having combination and oily skin, this product will be great for winter use.

Lotus Herbals Xpress Glow 10-in-1 Daily Beauty Crème did not cause any breakouts on my skin. If you compare this product to the BB and CC creams available in India, this one definitely stands out.

Lotus Herbals Xpress Glow 10-in-1 Daily Beauty Crème is available in two shades: Royal Pearl and Bright Angel.

1. Cost effective
2. Attractive packaging
3. Contains SPF-25
4. Hydrates dry patches
5. Best suited for oily and dry skin during winter
6. Provides a subtle glow
7. Evens out skin tone
8. Covers up minor blemishes
9. Does not cause breakouts
10. 100% vegetarian

1. Full ingredient list is not mentioned
2. Exaggerated claims
3. Limited shades

Rating: I would rate this product 3.5/5


  1. This looks great! Thank you I was wondering if I could find a foundation and facial lotion in one. This might just be the thing.

    Cassandra @ Book & Movie Dimension a Blog

  2. thaks for such a nice post. herbal beauty care product remains your skin smooth and shine.