Monday, 28 April 2014

Fem Gold Fairness Crème Bleach Review

Price: 80 INR for 52.8 g





My experience with the product:

Over the years I have used many variants of Fem bleaches. Fem Turmeric bleach is my favourite amongst all. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the turmeric variant online. I looked around in most stores here in Goa but to no avail. So I had to be content with the Gold variant which was my second option. This bleach is priced at 80 INR for 52.8 g which is really economical since I use just one scoop of the bleach crème and only one pinch of the activator. This mixture is enough for my face a neck. I prefer bleaching once in three months or whenever I have to attend any functions/occasions.

The bleach crème is creamish in colour and the bleach activator contains fine gold particles which upon mixing the above two gives a nice glow to my face. It effectively bleaches all facial hair. My skin feels soft and moisturized. This bleach did not cause any irritation to my skin. The effects of this bleach remain for about two-three weeks.  It is very important to do a patch test before applying on your face.

A measuring spoon is also provided in the pack but it is of no use to me as the activator spoon is too large and I prefer to use just a pinch of the activator. The measuring spoon is of a cheap quality and not firm/strong enough.

I always prefer to use a bleach brush while applying the bleach as it effectively helps in covering all the facial hair. I use Vega bleach brush for this purpose. I have been using this brush for about two years and not a single bristle has come out. The bristles are very soft on the skin. I would definitely recommend this brush.


1. Cost effective
2. Effectively bleaches facial hair
3. Skin feels soft and moisturized
4. No skin irritation
5. Gives a nice glow to the face
6. Measuring spoon provided


1. The smell might be strong for sensitive nose

Rating: I would rate this product 3.5/5

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