Thursday, 17 April 2014

Yardley London Red Roses Refreshing Body Spray Review

With over 200 years expertise, Yardley London selects only the finest ingredients to create its unforgettable fragrances. Experience the classic scent of Red Roses in this scented body spray.



My experience with the product:

My Aunt who lives in Kuwait gifted me this body spray. It is easily available in India though. The packaging is simple and the spray nozzle can be used at the slightest pressure unlike some spray cans which need to be pressed hard. The fragrance is wonderful. It smells just like roses. I'm sure all of you will like it too. It's not too strong and not too mild. This deodorant keeps me fresh for a good four hours. The fragrance slowly fades away in around three hours. Summer is at its peak here in Goa and the humidity goes on rising. In this situation, this body spray does a good job. During cooler conditions, this body spray will definitely work better. This product is worth trying atleast once. I've used it in my under arm area and I had no irritation whatsoever although it contains alcohol.

As far as body sprays or deodorants are concerned, I never buy the same one again. I love trying out different variants. I'm looking forward to trying out other variants from Yardley London.


1. Travel friendly packaging
2. Smells good
3. Gives a nice fresh feel for a good four hours
4. No skin irritation
5. Easily available

Cons: None

Rating: I would rate this product 4.5/5


  1. I really like yardley!

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  3. I love the smell of roses….and it quite strong.��
    And the soap looks good too!! I am yet to come across a soap which is not drying. Will give it a try for sure. :))


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