Monday, 22 July 2019

Just Herbs Skin Tint - Porcelain Review

Price: 1175/- INR for 40 ml, now Rs. 1,295/- INR




My views:
Just Herbs Skin Tint claims to be a ‘real’ product for ‘real’ people which helps in achieving a no-make up look. I purchased this product because I did not want to wear a foundation every day. It’s just too much for me. Here’s when the Skin Tint came to my resuce and I like this product so much that I can’t think about my life without it.

The product is packaged in a glass pump bottle. I had purchased my bottle at the end of last year. Now they have changed the packaging a little and the price has gone up by 120/- INR. I’m a little disappointed with the price increase. They never give discounts on this product either which is a bummer.

The Skin Tint compliments your skin shade and blends in easily with the skin. It has a lovely fragrance. It masks imperfections such as fine lines, only light blemishes and pores on your skin and gives a flawless look. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It didn’t break out my skin. It does not cover up dark and prominent acne marks but does give a light glow to the skin. If you need high coverage then this is not the right product for you. Also, the Skin Tint moisturizes your skin and gives broad spectrum UV protection. I still prefer using a sunscreen under this product. It does give a dewy finish so those having oily skin will have to use a compact over this. Those of you having dry skin will love this product. I’ve used the Skin Tint in summer and it did not fade away in the heat. It does get transferred easily though onto your clothes collar and handkerchief. This is a must-have product for daily use. One annoying thing about this Skin Tint is that it makes your skin sweat upon application.

I’m using the shade Porcelain which is perfect for my skin tone. If you are confused regarding which shade to buy then I would suggest you to first purchase the Skin Tint Shade Sampler. 

This kit contains all the available shades in a miniature packaging (8g each). It costs 795/- INR. You get a special coupon code with this kit which can be redeemed on your purchase of the full-sized Skin Tint.

The best thing about this product is that there is not a single harmful ingredient. This makes it apt for daily use. I would definitely recommend this product. It’s a big thumbs up from me!

Rating: 4/5

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  1. Oh we need to buy all samples to try the shade 😣