Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Herb-o-ville Exfoliating Toner & Body Mask Review

Price: 425/- INR for 100 g

Himalayan Silver fir, Haritaki, Balharitaki, Amala-Indian gooseberry, mango ginger, karkatshrungi, nut grass, bakuhci, sweet flag, bonduc nut, bibitaki, galangal with a combination of Red clay and Fuller's Earth.

Combination of 12 herbs and different soils having naturally occurring minerals. This Exfoliating Body Mask / Scrub / Toner draws out instantly the toxins of skin, anti pollution and nourishes the body cells resulting in an overall freshness and a lustrous skin health.

Take 15-20 g of powder in a bowl and mix with water to form paste. Take a light shower first and wet your body and then apply the paste by applying liberally in the areas of sensitive skin and also the underarm regions. Gently scrub well and leave it on for at least 15 minutes and then wash it off. While washing off paste, rub briskly on areas of dry/ dead skin and gently on delicate and sensitive areas. This Exfoliating Body Scrub can be used on a daily basis also instead of soap while bath or shower.


My views:
This body mask is an interesting product. I’ve been using it regularly for over two months now and I’m quite happy with this purchase.

This Exfoliating Body Mask claims to nourish the body cells resulting in an overall freshness and a lustrous skin health. It is a natural body deep cleanser scrub that rejuvenates and detoxes instantly giving a healthy and silky smooth skin after removal of dead cells. It is effective on all skin types. It contains Himalayan Silver Fir, Haritaki along with 10 other Herbs with a Combination of Red Clay and Yellow Soil etc. famous for their Antioxidant properties.

The brand claims that the herbs are chosen from the pristine regions of different forests and mountain ranges across India and the soils are purified and hand sieved to ensure that you get the purely natural experience of real nature on your palms.
The Exotic Herbs have been chosen after meticulous research in such a way that a FOUR WAY ACTION is obtained i.e

Fights Body Odor:
Our Body Mask opens up clogged pores of the skin and also fights body and leaves behind a natural and fresh fragrance that lingers on post application

Our unique combo of detoxifying herb and soils, pulls out the impurities that are trapped on the upper skin layers

Contains Natural Anti-Oxidant rich with provide the skin with the vital nourishment that makes it smooth and silky.

The exfoliating particles scrub off the accumulating dead cells that gather on the skin surface making the skin youthful and glowing. (no chemicals or plastic micro beads are used to obtain the effect of abrasive exfoliation )

Using this mask does take time and patience so I use it just once a week. I purchased this product on sale for around 359/- INR from Amazon. It works exactly as per the claims above and I’m happy with this body mask. I would recommend you to try this out as it has zero chemicals.

Rating: I would rate this product 4.5/5

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