Saturday, 27 January 2018 makeup and accessories haul

I am a huge fan of this shopping website. They have amazing stuff at throwaway prices. Here are some products which I shopped for last month. I have roughly estimated the price in Indian rupees from U.S. dollars.
Large silver powder brush – 185/- INR

This brush is of excellent quality. It is ideal for applying powder. This is a must have.

Blush brush golden – 82/- INR

I apply blush with this product and so far it does its job well.

Rose gold blush brush – 70/- INR

I love rose gold colour and so I had to have one in my collection.

Rose gold blush/contour brush – 105/- INR

I use this brush for contouring. It looks chic too.

Nail art stickers – 50/- INR

I like doing nail art once in a while. You won’t get them so cheap here India.

French Vanilla Powder Highlighter – 150/- INR

This is a dupe of Kylie Jenner’s Highlighter. Anyway it works great and I just love the glow. This is my daily use highlighter.

Miss Rose Baked powder Highlighter – 171/- INR

This shade is just awesome. The glow is heavenly. I prefer using this product only for formal occasions.

UBUB 3 colors highlighter palette – 173/- INR

This blush has two shades of peach colour and a matte highlighter. It is highly pigmented so you need just a dab of this one.

Eyebrow powder palette – 103/- INR

An eyebrow powder is a must for me as I have scanty eyebrows. This powder lasts on my eyebrows till I wipe it off.

4 pcs natural wood fiber cleansing sponge  – 100/- INR

I just can’t live without this product. It effectively helps in removing makeup and also exfoliates the skin.

Hoop earrings – 45/- INR

These earrings are just awesome!

5 pcs eye make up mermaid brushes – 151/- INR

These brushes look so cute. Honestly, I haven’t used them yet as they look too good to use! Haahahaa!

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