Monday, 26 December 2016

Saffire Naturals Acne Out Serum Review

Price: 325/- INR for 10 ml





My views:
We oily skinned girls know how difficult it is to find a good serum which is not heavy and oily for our skin type. As I was browsing online for serums I came across Saffire Naturals Acne Out Serum on Flipkart. There were great reviews on this product which convinced me to go for it.

Let’s talk about the packaging first. I absolutely love it. The bottle has a pump. This type of packaging is rare for serum bottles. Full points for that! The pump dispenser is hygienic and one pump is more than enough to apply on the affected areas.

This serum has a gel like consistency. You need to apply it on the problem areas like acne scars and pimples. I have been using this product for a month now and it has definitely helped in lightening scars. This serum dries out pimples within two days. My skin feels completely matte and oil free for a good four hours after applying this product. During summer you can use this serum before applying makeup to keep your skin oil free. It reduces secretion of oil to a great extent. This serum also soothes skin inflammation and works as an antiseptic. If you have problematic oily skin then this product is for you. I wouldn’t recommend it for combination skin and other skin types as it may dry out the skin. So only very oily skin will be able tolerate this product.

The ingredient list is missing which is disappointing. However, the serum smells a lot like clove oil. Wash your face thoroughly before applying this serum. I prefer using it before bed. I’ve already ordered another bottle.

Those having oily skin should give this product a try at least once. If you feel it works for you then you can continue the treatment. You can buy this product here.

Rating: I would rate this product 4/5


  1. 4/5 looks convincing, acne is problem for everyone, let it be girls or guys. This product looks good, going to share the review with others. Thanks

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