Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Random products post

Hi everyone! Today I thought of writing a random post or more like mini reviews on products and makeup accessories I use every day. Read on to know more.

Biotique Botanicals Almond Oil

This almond oil is from Biotique’s baby care range. I use this oil to remove eye makeup only. It is gentle and effectively removes even waterproof eye makeup. The best way to use it is by soaking a cotton ball with this oil and applying gently on the eyelids and eyelashes. I prefer keeping the oil on for around 5 minutes so that the eye makeup loosens up. I highly recommend using oil for gentle makeup removal. There is a wide range of oils available in the Indian market. You can choose whichever suits you best. This product costs 150 INR for 200 ml. I love the cute Disney packaging.

Himalaya Baby Powder

I mostly use this baby powder for baking my makeup. If you want more information on 'baking', head on to Youtube and check it out. There are numerous uses for baby powder. You can read all about it here

Basicare Natural Sea Sponge

I had actually purchased this product a long time ago but I recently started using it for removing face makeup and I must say I'm impressed. Firstly, I wet my face and massage it gently using a cleanser. Then I take this sponge, and I massage my face in circular motions for around two minutes. Lastly, I wash my face and the sponge in plain water. This sponge becomes extremely soft when wet and once it dries up it hardens.  Its porous fibers gently exfoliate and take away impurities from the skin and boosts the blood circulation of your face. It is important to clean the sponge thoroughly preferably with liquid soap and let it air dry. After it dries up store it in a clean container or zip lock bag.


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