Sunday, 1 May 2016

How to turn a bracelet into a necklace

Leafs-in-Tiara Swiss Cubic Zirconia 18K Gold Plated Bracelet

I purchased this beautiful bracelet from Amazon for 1195 INR. 

Upon receiving the bracelet I was disappointed as it was not adjustable and so was too big for my wrists.

I didn’t want this expensive piece of jewellery to go to waste. So I bought a 9 inch adjustable 22k gold chain from my jeweller and attached it to this bracelet so that I can wear it like a necklace. 

I have many gold bracelets with matching earrings. So if I have to attend important functions and formal events, I turn my bracelets into necklaces by attaching the gold chain for a more sophisticated look.

This bracelet is inspired from a princess tiara. This beautiful layered bracelet boasts two rows of AAA swiss cubic zircons on three times 18k rose gold plated base that presents a unique combination. 

Sparkling in a stunning gradation colorful zircons shades, it is elegant and easy to wear - a feminine and fluid silhouette with a modern twist. The length of the bracelet is around 17 cms and the width is 5 mm. Slim yet elegant. This bracelet is nickel free and lead free as per International Standards. The product comes in a beautiful elegant ready-to-gift box.

I purchased these matching clip on earrings for 550 INR from Ebay.

These earrings are whimsical and eye catching. They have 18k rose gold plating which is skin friendly. The Earrings are 2.50 cm in length and 1.5 cm wide.