Monday, 23 November 2015

Oxyglow Diamond Facial Kit Review

“Specially put together for a glimmering complexion, the Diamond Facial Kit works miracles. Known to have multiple benefits on the skin, diamond powder efficiently polishes the skin, stimulating new cell production. The products enclosed also have abundance of aloe vera extracts and almond oil, making them perfect for skin rejuvenation and replenishment. Pick the Diamond Facial Kit to make your skin simply brilliant.”

Tall claims by the brand, so let’s see if these hold true.

Price: 225 INR



My views:

Last year I had purchased four facial kits from Oxyglow. You can read my three previous reviews here. This is the last one to be reviewed. I will briefly state my opinion on each product.

1. Diamond Cleansing Milk:-
This product has a thick consistency. I first started with a clean face, then using wet fingers; I massaged this cleansing milk onto my skin for 1-2 minutes. Then I removed it with a moist cotton swab and washed away the remaining product. This cleansing milk is difficult to wash off with water so using a moist cotton is a must.

2. Diamond Scrub:-
This scrub contains walnut shell powder which is gentle on kin and effectively removes dead skin. This is my favourite product in this facial kit. I used this scrub on damp skin and massaged in circular motion for 2-3 minutes. Then I washed it off. I could see a slight improvement in my complexion.

3. Diamond Massage Cream:-
Although I used just a pea sized amount, this cream made my oily skin all the more oily. I always hate using massage creams from facial kits as most of them leave a greasy feel on my skin. I won’t be using this cream again.

4. Diamond Face Pack:-
This face pack is very sticky and rubbery. This has to be the worst face pack I’ve ever used. It was frustrating to apply it evenly on the face and forget about the washing off part. It took me 15 minutes to wash off. I discarded the remaining product.

5. Diamond Moisturiser:-
This is a lightweight cream. It spreads and absorbs easily onto the skin. My skin feels mositurised and non-oily.

6. Smooth Shine Skin Serum:-
This is the final step. You just have to apply the serum on the face and leave it on. Do not rub it in. This serum effectively moisturises any dry patches on the skin. It did leave a slight sticky feel.

This facial kit comes in sachets of 10 g each and the serum comes in 3ml pack. I don’t like the sachet packaging at all. I’ve stapled the sachets and stored them for one more use. This kit can be used atleast thrice, except the face pack which will go dry once opened. I didn’t think twice before throwing it away as it was almost impossible to apply.

A 20 ml sample moisturising lotion is also provided free with this kit. 

This product was surprisingly good. The lotion is non-sticky, non-greasy and moisturises the skin very well. I used it on my hands and feet. I liked this product.

Compared to the other facial kits from Oxyglow, this was the worst. Out of six products in this kit, I was unhappy with three. This is my personal view though. Each product may perform differently on various skin types.

I am still searching for the perfect facial kit for oily skin. If any of you know about facial kits which work well on oily skin, please comment below and I will give it a try.

Rating: I would rate this product 2/5

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