Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Pantene Pro-Vitamin Hair Fall Control Oil Review

As far as hair oil is concerned, I like trying out different brands as long as they don’t harm my hair. So here’s a review on Pantene Pro-Vitamin Hair Fall Control Oil.

Price: 36 INR for 50 ml




 My views:

Pantene Pro-Vitamin Hair Fall Control Oil comes in a plastic bottle having a flip-top cap which shuts tight. I purchased the 50 ml variant (95ml bottle is also available). The hair oil is transparent. The bottle has a dark yellow tint. Upon taking this oil on your palm you notice a mild floral fragrance. It has a running consistency. Upon applying this oil on my hair I noticed that it is non-sticky as claimed. It does not feel heavy at all. My hair feels smooth. It is also very easy to wash off. I use this oil every alternate day and I haven’t suffered from any side effects. As far as the hair fall control claim is concerned, I don’t think this oil does much about that. Anyway, this is a decent product and is worth trying out atleast once. The ingredient list is not mentioned on the smaller bottle but the bigger bottle contains the list and there are many chemicals in this product including alcohol, mineral oil and paraffin.

1. Non-sticky oil
2. Mild fragrance
3. Cost effective
4. Makes hair soft and smooth

1. Contains chemicals
2. Doesn’t help in reducing hair fall

Rating: I would rate this product 2.5/5


  1. Most of the products have false claims..but nothing can be done about it..:)

    1. True. A committee should be appointed by the Government to penalize such brands against false claims. I've heard false advertising on TV's is being punished though.

  2. Hair fall have become a major issue of worry. Everyone wants to get hair care products that helps in preventing hair loss. Non-sticky anti hair fall oils, serum, shampoo, cream, conditioner and many more hair products are available that can easily obstruct the loss of hair.

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  4. Hair treatment oil is something that a large portion of us keep away from because of its oiliness. In any case, if the oil is made of herbs that are intended to profit the hair and does not have synthetic substances, it will nor be oily nor be sticky and overwhelming. This will leave the hair lovely, glossy and fun and you can say farewell to all your terrible hair days.