Thursday, 3 September 2015

Fair & Lovely BB Foundation + Fairness Cream Review

Price: 49/- INR for 9 g






My views:

I came across this product at the supermarket and bought it just to give it a try. Long before I started blogging I've tried out almost all cream variants from Fair & Lovely range and all of them disappointed me. I decided to give this BB cream a try since its is priced cheaply and so there was no harm in trying.

This BB cream is packed in a cute tube having a nozzle. It can be easily carried around. It has a nice fragrance which goes away upon application. Since I have oily skin, I didn't have much trouble in blending this cream. Upon blending, it does make the skin look bright and matte. My skin was oily free for around 3 hours. It also contains SPF 15. 

The only good thing about this cream is that it gives an instant fair look. That's it. This cream contains parabens so i won't be purchasing this ever again. I also noticed clogged pores and whiteheads after using this BB cream for only 2 days. It also broke me out. 

I feel this cream won't work well for oily as well as dry skin. Also only fair skin can carry off this BB cream as it leaves a white cast on the skin. It doesn't cover up dark spots and blemishes either.

In conclusion, I would say this product is a big failure.


1. Cost effective pricing
2. Cute and travel friendly packaging
3. Contains SPF 15
4. Gives a matte finish which is ideal for oily skin
5. Instant fair look
6. Easily available


1. Not suitable for dry skin
2. Leaves a white cast on skin
3. Clogs pores
4. Causes breakouts
5. Doesn't cover up dark spots and blemishes
6. Only suits fair skin tone
7. Contains parabens

Rating: I would rate this product 1/5


  1. For me it doesn't even blends in properly forming patchs inspite of my oily skin.....not a worth trying product..

    1. Such a bad product. Really disappointing.

  2. I never tried this BB cream but seems like a complete failure according to your review..