Thursday, 20 August 2015

Eeshha Herbal Skin Whitening Kit Review

This facial kit was sent to me for review purpose by Eeshha Herbal. I have used this kit 4 times so far and here are my thoughts on the product.

Price: 425/- INR for 140 g (Available at a discounted rate of 318.75/- INR here



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Step 1
Instant Glow Whitening Fruit Scrub 

This fruit scrub has a nice fruity fragrance. It is very important to wet your face before applying the scrub or else it wont spread evenly. After applying the scrub on a clean wet face, I leave it on till it semi-dries and then I spray some water on face and using wet fingertips I gently massage my face for a minute or two. I felt a slight tingling sensation while I had the scrub on my face. After washing off the scrub and patting my face dry, my skin felt smooth and soft. It did not feel dry or stretchy.

Step 2
Instant Glow Whitening Massage Cream

If you have oily skin then I would suggest you to use very little of this massage cream as it leaves a greasy feel on the skin. This cream made my skin so oily and greasy that I had to immediately wash off my face. Next time I used only a pea sized amount of this cream. Dry skinned people will like this cream but this is a big 'NO' for me.

Step 3
Instant Glow Whitening Fairness Gel

This gel gets absorbed into the skin immediately upon slight massage. Contrary to its claims of cooling sensation, I felt a mild tingling sensation. Unfortunately this product contains parabens.

Step 4
Instant Glow Whitening Pack

This face pack spreads smoothly and easily on the skin. The fragrance is a big strong. It dries up in around 15-20 minutes. My skin feels moisturised after washing off this face pack.

As far as the whitening claims are concerned, I am not sure about those claims but it does help in removing slight tan. I would have preferred a tube packaging instead of tub packaging. At a price tag of 499 Rupees this facial kit is worth the price as it will last for more than 8-10 uses. I would advise oily skinned people to stay way for this kit. The other skin types can give this a try. 

Rating: I would rate this product 3/5


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