Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Blue Heaven Mascara & Artisto Kajal Review

Price: 250 INR

My views:

I came across these products while shopping online. The only reason I purchased them was due to the Artisto Kajal's attractive packaging. It was available alongwith the Mascara as a combo so I had to buy the Mascara too.

I'll start my review with the Blue Heave Mascara. This mascara is the worst I've ever come across. Once I apply the mascara my eyelashes look the same as before. No change whatsoever. It does not coat the eyelashes well. I discarded the product right away. As far as the claims of being waterproof, smudge proof and conditioning are concerned, they are not true at all.

As far as the Blue Heaven Artisto Kajal is concerned, I would give five full marks to the packaging. I love the idea of the applicator brush integrated into the cap. 

(I have applied the kajal as well as the mascara in the above photo)

However this kajal too disappointed me. It took multiple swipes to get a decent black colour on my eyelids. Forget about it being waterpoof or smudge proof. I just tried it on once and now its lying in my drawer. I prefer Mabelline lasting drama gel eyeliner. It is the best.

Rating: I would rate these products 2/5


  1. thanx for the review...even I wanted to purchase this after seeing the packaging..:)

  2. The packaging of the kajal is undoubtedly very attractive and makes you think about purchasing it without any second thoughts. The quality of the kajal however is a completely different issue.

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