Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Majestic Luxury London Botanical Aromatherapy Mask – Tea Tree Review

I like using facial masks every now and then. Since I am oily skinned, I need to take extra care. I used this face pack throughout the summer and here are my thoughts on the product.

 Price: 30 INR for 1 pouch of 10 g of mask powder and 1 pouch of 20 ml of specially formulated rose water. Also available in a bigger pack priced at 99 INR for 4 pouches of 10 g of mask powder and 4 pouches of 20 ml of specially formulated rose water.


Directions of use:



My experience with the product:

Firstly, the packaging is quite good. The box contains one pouch of 10 g of mask powder, one pouch of 20 ml of specially formulated rose water and an instruction manual. I emptied the mask powder in a separate air tight container and I also stored the rose water in a small plastic bottle.

I prefer using a face wash before using any face pack. This face pack lasted me for a good 5 uses. Very economical. After mixing a teaspoon of mask powder and rose water, I applied the mixture using a face pack brush. A brush helps to apply the mixture evenly. I prefer Vega face pack brush.

The smell of this face pack is not overpowering. Immediately after applying this face pack, I felt a strong burning sensation for a while near the lip area. When I used the face pack for a second time, I did not apply it near the lip area. This face pack might not be suitable for those having sensitive skin.

This mask dried up within 10 minutes. I did not want to wash it off so soon. So I sprayed rose water on my face and waited till the mask dried up again. Then I dampened my face with water and slowly washed away the mask with lukewarm water.

My skin did not feel dry or stretchy at all. But still I prefer using a moisturizer. This face pack does brighten my complexion a bit and effectively removes dirt. I am not sure about ‘blemish control’ claims though. Regular use over a period of time might show some effect. I don’t expect much from face packs. I like to use them to keep oil at bay. I would definitely recommend face packs from Majestic Luxury London.

There are other variants too. Take a look at the pictures below. You can choose according to your skin type.

1. Cost effective
2. Great for oily skin
3. Effectively removes dirt & excess oil
4. Great for summer use
5. Easily available online
6. Not tested on animals

1. Ingredient list not mentioned
2. Not suitable for sensitive skin
3. Need to store products in separate containers

Rating: I would rate this product 4/5

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