Saturday, 8 March 2014

Living Proof Cell Action Skin Whitening Mask Review

I tend to get dark spots every now and then and I would do anything to get rid of them. I’m not a fan of fairness products as I’m happy with my complexion. In my quest for reducing dark spots I came across this mask which claimed to do so and here are my thoughts on the product.

Price: 590 INR for 4 sheets/pack

Claims, Directions & Ingredients:


My experience with the product:

I’ve always wanted to try out sheet masks as they are easier to use. Each sheet is individually packed. The mask is wet as it contains serum. The fragrance is quite good. The mask fits the face nicely as it is cut out in the form of a face. Be careful while applying as the mask may tear upon force. It doesn’t slip from the face. The mask is soft and won’t harm even the most sensitive skin. Each mask has to be used only once.

It is important to apply this mask on a clean face. I keep it for around half an hour on my face. After I remove the mask, I massage the remaining essence on my face for 10 minutes. This mask does not really dry up completely.

I noticed that my skin was much softer and well hydrated. It doesn’t do more than this though. Do not expect any fairness. No lightening of dark spots either. You can give this a try if you have dry skin. I like the fact that they are easy to use. 

As far as price is concerned, it is not worth it. It nearly costs 147 INR per sheet! That’s way too much. I used each sheet every 8 days and it didn’t do much to my skin. Maybe I need to use more of these. But I won’t. Not impressed!


1. Hygienic packaging
2. Suitable for all skin types
3. Hassle free
4. No side effects
5. Hydrates skin


1. Mask is delicate
2. Does not lighten complexion
3. No effect on dark spots
4. Expensive

Rating: I would rate this product 2.5/5

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