Friday, 31 May 2013

Attitude Face Masque Review

Price: 315 INR for 100 gms.





My experience with the product:

I love trying out different face masques. I do use fuller’s earth face pack once or twice a week and a face masque at least once a week. Since my mom is an Amway Distributor, I got the opportunity to buy their face masque. So here is my take on the product.

The packaging is sturdy. The masque is packaged in an off white and purple coloured tube having a flip-top cap. The cap shuts tightly and is thus travel friendly. The masque is white in colour having a thick clay like consistency. It smells wonderful.

The product tends to stick towards the opening of the tube while squeezing out the masque. So, after usage I clean the nozzle area with a piece of cotton.

Before I apply this masque, for better results I cleanse my face first, then use a scrub and finally I apply this mask. It is very easy to apply this mask. It spreads better on a wet face. The masque dries up within 10-15 minutes. A little amount is enough for the entire face as it spreads easily. It is also easy to wash it off compared to some face masques which require a lot of water to wash off. I can notice an instant brightening of my skin. This proves that it removes dirt and excess oil effectively. My skin becomes soft and smooth. It also tightens the skin. This masque does a good job of cleansing the face. My skin never felt dry after using this masque.

I would recommend this masque for those of you having oily and combination skin. It will effectively remove excess oil and dirt. This product will also last you long as a little goes a long way.

I use this masque an hour before I go to bed. After washing off the masque, I wait for half an hour and then I apply Lacto Calamine Lotion. This lotion keeps my skin oil free throughout the night.

Overall, this is an excellent masque. Oily skinned people will love this. But this masque is not completely herbal. It contains parabens and other chemicals. If you are okay with this then go ahead with the masque.


1. Travel friendly packaging
2. Little goes a long way
3. Nice fragrance
4. Easy to use
5. Did not break me out
6. Cost effective
7. Removes dirt and excess oil
8. Dries up quickly
9. Tightens skin


1. Not completely herbal
2. Available only through Amway Distributors.

Rating: I would rate this product 4/5

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