Sunday, 7 April 2013

Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face Pack Review

Joy Turmeric Neem Purifying Face 

Pack Review

PRICE: 55 INR for 60 ml.





The face pack comes in an off-white tube having a hole to dispense the product. The only reason I had purchased this face pack was its claims of having tea tree oil which is beneficial for oily and acne prone skin. The face pack is white in colour having a thick consistency. You have to moisten the face and neck and apply it with wet hands on to the skin and wait till it dries.

This face pack failed me completely. The moment I applied it on my face, it gave me a burning sensation. I just couldn’t keep it on! So I immediately washed it off. In a week’s time I thought of giving it a try and in spite of the burning sensation I kept it on. It dries up within 10-15 minutes. Gradually I used it once a week with the same result.  Luckily the burning sensation did not have any side effects on my skin. After seven to eight uses this face pack did not give me any burning sensation. It felt just like any other face pack.

This pack didn’t do any good to my skin. I didn’t get that clean feeling like I do when I’m using fuller’s earth face pack. I will never purchase this one again. I’d rather keep on using my fuller’s earth face pack. I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone.


1.  Reasonably priced.
2. Contains tea tree oil.


1. Gives a burning sensation till it dries up.
2. Contains parabens (on the pack it’s mentioned as pure herbal!)
3. Doesn’t help in cleansing and preventing blemishes as claimed.
4. Dries up quickly.

RATING: The cons are more than the pros. I would rate this product a mere 1/5. The one point is only because it contains Tea Tree Oil.

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